That’s right!

May is a crazy month in the Jennings house. My birthday (the 11th- my Dirty Thirty, YIKES!), Mother’s Day (I’ve got 3 crumb snatchers), the runt’s bday (he’ll be 4 on the 17th), and me & mister’s anniversary on the 31st (10 years! Whew! And this dude still won’t go away!).

So why not give away some crazy kickass prizes? And what’s better than a the gift of READING?! Because I’ve got the best effin fans in the world, you all can enter the Rafflecopter below everyday until May 30th! And on the last day, I’ve got a surprise for you! Sheesh, I’m just full of surprises, huh?

So enter, enter, enter! Tell your friends & family! Tell your boss & coworkers! Yell over the stall in a public restroom & scare the crap out of a complete stranger! Just spread the word!

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