Because I feel like it…FEAR OF FALLING Teaser!


^^^ Really, really, ridiculously good looking people^^^

As promised, here is a new teaser from FEAR OF FALLING, which will be available on July 18th! Yeah, yeah, I know…I’m about a day late. But trust me when I say that it was hard to choose just one scene to share. Can I just give it all to you? 🙂 <—– Add it to your Goodreads TBR list! <—–S.L. Jennings FB page


“Good morning,” Kami whispered, her head still on my chest.

“Morning,” I replied in a gruff voice, kissing her hair. It was a reflex. I don’t know if she felt it but if she did, she didn’t react.

After a few beats, she sat up and stretched her arms above her head. My eyes, still lazy with sleep, were fixed on the patch of exposed skin from her tank top riding up. Her skin looked so soft and delicate. I imagined licking every inch of it. Every. Single. Inch. My mouth watered.

She looked back at me, catching my appraising gaze. “Oh God. It’s true. Dammit,” she mumbled.

I frowned, my eyes narrowing with confusion. Was she regretting letting me stay? I sat up next to her, still reclining back on my palms. If she wanted me gone, she was going to have to say it. And judging by the way she was touching me last night, she had no regrets then.

“You’re one of them,” she muttered shaking her head.


“Yeah, them,” she sighed. Her eyes met mine, the rosy flush of her cheeks giving away her reticence. “One of those guys who have freakishly amazing hair first thing in the morning. Those guys that don’t even have to style it. Just run their fingers through it a few times and it’s magically perfect and gorgeous. Them.”

I chuckled to mask my relieved breath. “Them. I wasn’t aware there was a club. Do I get a membership card?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I’ve never seen one in the flesh. I’ve never woken up beside a guy. Other than Dom of course but he doesn’t count.”

Again, my eyes widened and my playful smile faded. Was she trying to tell me she was a… “Oh. Oh. That’s ok, I mean, uh…”

“Oh no!” she giggled shaking her head. “I mean I’ve slept with a guy…like…you know. Slept with-slept with. But I’ve never slept with one for the sole purpose of sleeping.”

“Never?” I asked, my brow cocked with skepticism.


I ran my hand through my tousled bedhead without thinking, earning an eye roll from her. “Well,” I smiled, “glad I could be your first.”

Kami shook her head before climbing out of bed and crossing the room to the bathroom. She turned back to look at me before reaching the doorframe. “Well, why don’t you and your sexy head of hair go make some coffee? Since this is the first time,” she rolled her eyes again, “I should warn you: I am a bitch on wheels without my coffee.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I grinned, rolling out of bed.

Kami giggled as she entered the bathroom, causing the smile on my face to widen even more. “Ugh! You southern boys with your perfect manners! Kill me now!”

I popped into a hall bathroom to freshen up before heading to the kitchen in search of steaming hot ground goodness. They had one of those fancy machines that made one cup at a time. I had no fucking clue how to work one but after tinkering with it and finding the little cups of assorted coffees, I finally figured it out. Kami walked in just as the first cup had finished brewing.

“I made you French Vanilla,” I said, handing her the hot, steaming mug. “You guys have so many different flavors and didn’t know which one you’d like. I figured it was safe.”

Kami took the cup in her hands and took a sip without the use of cream or sugar. “Oh, so you thought I looked like a vanilla type of girl?”

I had to turn away from the task of trying to brew my own cup to assess her face. I didn’t know if I had offended her or not but the sweet smile on her face told me she was just teasing me. “I don’t know, Kami. Do you like vanilla?”

She shrugged then took another sip. “It’s great sometimes; vanilla can be really good when it’s done right. But I like it a bit bolder. Stronger.”

I had to grasp the edge of the counter to keep from splaying her body across the breakfast bar and covering her with my mouth. Shit. There was no way we were still talking about coffee. The evidence was right there in her pink cheeks. Kami was flirting with me. And if she wasn’t careful, she would see just how bold and strong I could be.